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Specifically, the harder and generally more premium steels like d2, 154cm, vg10 and s30v are notably more difficult to sharpen. Additional charges for non free shipping products, products shipping to remote locations, hazmat products, and large or heavy items still apply. Its true first, spyderco made things sharp, then they made sharp things. The spyderco triangle sharpmaker is one of the more popular knife sharpeners we sell at the knifecenter and we are pretty sure thats. Work sharp vs sharpmaker discussion in maintenance, tinkering. As we know, some knife steel is easier to sharpen than others. Spyderco was founded in 1976 by sal and gail glesser. In other words you need to hold the knife and draw it across an abrasive surface to take metal off the blade. An instruction book and video show you how to use the 204mf to sharpen. Chefschoice 4643 prontopro diamond hone manual knife sharpener. The product has a manual to help you understand the basics of sharpening easily. Spyderco dvd instructions for triangle sharpmaker 204dvd.

How to use the spyderco sharpmaker easy knife sharpening for. It is now retired, mainly was used for my kitchen knives, and light sharpening, or touchups for other, harder blades. Model numbers and skus in this catalog the organization of this catalog includes the use of both generic model numbers and specific skus. Spyderco delica 4 lightweight parts repair kit rp 350. Before spyderco ever made knives, we manufactured the tools to keep them sharp. Spyderco knives spyderco sharpening products knife center. Pair of fine stones for professional grade finishing. That is the nice thing about the sharpmaker system, you can use the guides to get a feel for how to sharpen, and then use it to learn how to freehand sharpen. The spyderco triangle sharpmaker is a very versatile sharpening system. This is where the sharpmaker really comes into its own. Spyderco has steadily grown to become one of the leaders in the cutlery industry. This finegrit white stone is a replacement or spare for the original finegrit stones included with your triangle sharpmaker. Im very happy with my knives and i dont want to damage them hence my leaning toward a more manual system.

Spyderco triangle sharpmaker knife sharpener 204mf. We have found the medium and fine stones to be graded rather. Spyderco claims that their recognizable knife appearance is as a result of focus on ergonomics and functionality more than anything else. How to sharpen your knives with the spyderco triangle. Basically, you put the base on a strong flat surface, put the rods into the base, hold your knife vertical to the floor, and run the edge of the knife up and down the rods. The sharpmaker is a touchup and maintenance tool and. Help us improve the site and make sure it looks consistent during your stay on the site. First we made things sharp, and then we made sharp things. Spyderco triangle sharpmaker with instructional dvd model 204mf. The sharpmaker is an oil free sharpening system that uses two sets of triangle shaped stones and brass safety guards, which fit into preset angle slots in a plastic base. Spyderco makes sure to sharpen all of our own knives at less than 40 degrees so our customers can resharpen more easily. Spyderco triangle sharpmaker knife sharpener gun magazine. I checked in the spyderwiki and unfortunately nothing there.

Buy spyderco sharpening products from the original and largest online catalog of cutlery spyderco knives spyderco sharpening products knife center see a knife you really want, but cant shell out the cash all at once. C consolidates and events utility pro devices application data downstream windows braking 9. All parts fit into the plastic base and are covered by a lid to form a tight little package which measures 7. If you need to put a good edge on a knifeand we all do the spyderco triangle sharpmaker is a necessity. Spyderco sharpmaker triangle knife sharpening kit blade hq. The triangle sharpening rods are made of ceramic material.

Spyderco sharpmaker instructions this is a bigger file about 10 megs includes a pdf of spydercos 28 page instruction booklet for the sharpmaker. Spyderco s stateoftheart sharpening system and accessories can help give you the edge you need. The spyderco sharpmaker is one of our favorite recommendations for folks who are looking for an easy way to sharpen their blades. Use both safety rods, keeping hand behind and below rods. Sharpening with the spyderco sharpmaker without blunting. Spyderco tri angle sharpmaker knife sharpener 204mf. The triangle sharpmaker 204mf includes two sets of high alumina ceramic stones. This item spyderco triangle premium sharpmaker set with dvd and two sets of alumina ceramic stones 204mf smiths pp1 pocket pal multifunction sharpener, grey chefschoice 4643 prontopro diamond hone manual knife sharpener extremely fast sharpening euroamerican and asian style knives precise bevel angle control diamond abrasive made in usa. They pressed removing any other application software that might work with it. Spyderco general discussion page 7 spyderco forums. This raises an issue which is common to many manual knife sharpeners. Over time spyderco buyers started correlating the name with quality, reliability, sharpness. Once again spyderco continues to impress me with their offerings. Its stainless steel liners are nested into durable digital camouflage g10 handle scales and securely joined by spacers that provide superior strength while allowing easy cleaning and user maintenance.

Spyderco knife sharpeners sharpmaker, double stuff. Spyderco sharpmaker, 204mf advantageously shopping at. Did you know that if you own a spyderco knife, you may be entitled to free sharpening. Spyderco triangle sharpmaker instructional dvd youtube. A pair of mediumgrit brown stones for aggressive sharpening and a set of fine. Spyderco sharp maker manual pdf document fdocuments. The spyderco triangle sharpmaker knife sharpener is a manual sharpener. This wasnt a problem theres an instruction manual that comes with the sharpmaker, and the video is on youtube in 4 parts if you feel the need to watch it. Includes two mediumgrit stones and a pair of finegrit stones. Repeat as many times as it takes, number in sharpmaker manual 20, afair is a bullshit. Spyderco actually started making sharpeners before they ever made knives. It comes with a detailled manual with pictures and a dvd, where all the steps of the sharpening process with the sharpmaker are explained in detail.

Customers have found its manual quite helpful and sufficient to include all the details about its use. Diamond rods can help in case of 6, but they leave really deep scratches on the blade. Spyderco dragonfly 2 lightweight signature folding knife with 2. Downloadspyderco triangle sharpmaker instructions pdf. Dull to hair whittling using the spyderco sharpmaker duration. This material is a very durable sharpening material because it is so hard. The sharpmaker was spyderco s first product, which they made and sold before getting into the knife business. Further, at least the links show, so if you prefer you can paste them in directly to the address bar without the media codes at either end, i. The famous spyderco sharpmaker is one of the best knife sharpeners available today. Spyderco sharpmaker described as best v system sharpeners from authors.

I have given several as wedding gifts over the years and one of them lives in my kitchen as well. The triangle sharpmaker includes two sets of high alumina ceramic stones. Spyderco s triangle sharpmaker takes the mystery out of this process and enables anyone to sharpen a knife effectively with just a few minutes practice. The sharpmaker was spyderco s first product, which spyderco made and sold before getting into the knife business. For warranty information about this product, please click here. If microsoft can iron out the kinks with regional accent recognition, then then may have cracked it. Spyderco endura knives back lock manual folders blade. It can sharpen just about any knife with ease, including even serrated knives. Its durable abs plastic base contains keyed holes that accurately set the stones sharpening angles at a 30 15 each side or 40 20 each side for sharpening knives. Within no time, you should have sharpened your first knife. A pair of mediumgrit brown stones for aggressive sharpening and a set of fine white stones for professional grade finishing. Components snap into abs plastic base and lid easy to follow instructional book and dvd video. Weve even got one here at our office that we all use to keep our edges in tiptop shape when needed. Sharpens kitchenknives as well as outdoor knives, scissors, chisels, and ev.

Spyderco sharpmaker instructions and other pdf product instruction files at. This is a bigger file about 10 megs includes a pdf of spyderco s 28 page instruction booklet for the sharpmaker. Jul, 2019 i free hand sharpen with the sharpmaker stones all the time. Buy spyderco triangle premium sharpmaker set with dvd and two sets of alumina ceramic. Spyderco triangle sharpmaker set with dvd and two sets of alumina ceramic stones 204mf. Some work done with the spyderco sharpmaker rods to examine the size of the abrasive particles and the sharpness produced compared to a 600 grit dmt rod. Interestingly enough, the spyderco sharpmaker was their first ever product to be manufactured and sold. Spyderco triangle fine grit stone sharpener model 204m. If you can handhold a knife at a 90degree angle, then you can use the sharpener. I free hand sharpen with the sharpmaker stones all the time. Spyderco 204mf triangle sharpmaker knife sharpener for.

Posted on 26 november 2011 you wont regreat this buy. I get an excellent edge with the sharpmaker so the end result isnt the issue, more the amount of work involved. Sharpmaker 203mf manual discussion in spyderco started by cnlson, dec 17, 2014. The spyderco 204mf triangle sharpmaker system is a manual vtype crockstick knife sharpening kit that is designed to accommodate both european and asian knives, as well as a wide variety of personal and sporting knives, serrated knives, scissors and pointed objects ex.

Designed to be used dry, it is easily cleaned with household cleanser, a scouring pad, and water. Spyderco sharpmaker standard complete set medium and fine. Our full selection of sharpening products now includes everything from small, lightweight stones that are ideal for touchups in the field to our versatile sharpmaker. That is because they are yet to try out the spyderco knife sharpener. Board index spyderco forums spyderco general discussion.

If your factory angle was more than 40 degrees you are doomed hi zero tolerance. The endura 4 is a manual folding pocket knife with a big reputation for great things. I just hold the rod in one hand and sharpen with the other. In addition to a worldwide distribution network and manufacturing resources in the u. The guide that explains the craft of sharpening a knife with the spyderco sharp maker. Anything that isnt a legitimate spyderco fits in this area. Be sure that 204 and tool to be sharpened are both clean for instructions on how to clean your 204, please see section titled cleaning your triangle sharpmaker.

Sharpens kitchenknives as well as outdoor knives, scissors, chisels, and ev knivesandtools uses cookies and similar techniques to make sure we can help you even better. Every sharpmaker comes complete with a detailed instruction book and dvd that guides you step by step through the process of sharpening knives, scissors. Sal glesser explains how to use the spyderco sharpmaker. Customer service phones are back on, and blade hq is still fulfilling orders at full speed. I am getting an older sharpmaker ready to sell and i cannot find the manual. The spyderco sharpmaker is incredibly simple to use. Because the rods have different colours, they are easy to distinguish. Add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart customer rating. How to sharpen your knives with a spyderco sharpmaker. Another common thought about spyderco sharpmaker is that it is super easy to use. Spyderco triangle medium grit sharpening stone model 204m smkw. This replaces your worn out or lost medium browngray spyderco triangle sharpmaker stones. See on spyderco triangle sharpmaker jul 31, 2019 many people think that sharpening knives is a dangerous affair that can lead to injuries.

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